Partnership and cooperation agreements

Partnership agreement with the Ministry of the Interior

Objectives of the agreement :

  • Follow up on the implementation of the Association’s role in supporting Moroccan Territorial Collectivitiesand strengthening its role as a factor of sustainable development.
  • Participate in all forms of dialogue aimed at supporting good governance;
  • Organize and coordinate the participation of the Presidents of the Councils of Prefectures and Provinces in all debates on strengthening decentralization, as well as in all national and international conferences and events.

Partnership and cooperation agreement with Al Akhawayn University

Objectives of the agreement :

To cooperate and collaborate in the perspective of carrying out scientific research activities related to theoretical or applied issues related to scientific, cultural, economic and social development concerning the Prefectural or Provincial Councils and to support these Councils in the fields of territorial planning, training, capacity building in terms of management and decentralized cooperation.

Partnership agreement with the Association ``Jisr``, school-Business partnership

Objectives of the agreement :

To allow the greatest number of young people and children to benefit from the programs of the Association “Jisr” in the Prefectures and Provinces of the Kingdom, especially with regard to educational programs for children in precarious situations and vocational training and employability programs for young people who are neither in school nor in employment (Neither…Nor)

action plan

Partnership agreement with the Moroccan Student Foundation

Objectives of the agreement :

Support the Moroccan Association of the Presidents of the Councils of Prefectures and Provinces so that it can acquire experience in the social field covered by this agreement and organize joint interventions for the benefit of certain social groups.

Partnership agreement with the Moroccan Association of Sociology

Objectives of the agreement :

  •  To conduct studies in the social field as well as in the areas of intervention of the Prefectures and Provinces;
  • To support the Association in this field;
  • Organize meetings and training courses in these areas.