Participation of the Moroccan Association of the Presidents of the Councils of Prefectures and Provinces in a working visit to China


22 July 2020

President activities

Publication of the AMPCPP – December 18, 2019 – International cooperation

The Moroccan Association of Presidents of the Councils of Prefectures and Provinces has received an invitation from the Chinese People’s Friendship Association with Foreign Countries to go to China for a working visit from September 21 to 28, 2019.

The Association participated in this visit, along with representatives of other Local Collectivities, as well as the General Directorate of Local Collectivities, as part of the implementation of the dynamics of decentralized cooperation of Local Collectivities and parallel diplomacy, with the aim of highlighting the Moroccan experience and the missions of Prefectures and Provinces of Morocco, while consolidating the exchange of experiences between the two countries.