Moroccan Association of the Presidents of the Councils of Prefectures and Provinces

To strengthen the role of the Councils of Prefectures and Provinces as a tool for economic, social and cultural development

A word from the President of the Association

In line with the Executive Board, whose mandate has just expired, and with new blood, a strong spirit and renewed enthusiasm, the AMPCPP continues its path as a permanent partner in all public debates on territorial governance and the development of the decentralization process by strengthening its place among the local national actors concerned by the strengthening of decentralization mechanisms in our country.

Thanks to the involvement of every member, we will work to ensure that the Association continues to be the interlocutor and the main partner of the Ministry of the Interior in the various projects and subjects which concern these Councils, and a fervent defender to overcome the constraints faced by the Presidents of the Prefectural and Provincial Councils to exercise the various powers that the legislator has conferred on them by Law 112-14 relating to the Prefectural and Provincial Councils in order to clarify them and resolve all the problems and be able to meet the challenges we face in the field of local development. Based on the efforts of the new elected structures of the Association, we will work to strengthen the role of the Association as a source of proposals with government authorities, through its contributions to numerous workshops and its participation in numerous studies, seminars and meetings concerning the management of local territorial affairs, alongside the Association of Regions of Morocco(ARM) and the Moroccan Association of Presidents of Communal Councils(AMPCC).We will also work to diversify our partnerships with actors who share the same objectives, by consolidating cooperation with our current partners by joining forces in order to achieve the objectives set by the partnership and cooperation agreements that bind them to our Association.  In collaboration with the Directorate General of Territorial Communities and partners, we will make the Association’s strategy in the field of continuous training of human resources a strategic project to strengthen the skills, experience and managerial capacities of the Presidents of the Councils of Prefectures and Provinces.Likewise, the Executive Board will also activate the Association’s membership of the Congress of Local and Regional Authorities of the Council of Europe, which has conferred on the Kingdom of Morocco the status of Partner for Local Democracy.  In addition, we will continue to work with the national bodies of which the Association is a member, such as the National Committee for Public Procurement, the National Committee for Energy Efficiency, the Climate Change Advisory Council, the Steering Committee of the African Support Fund for the International Decentralized Cooperation of Territorial Communities and the Orientation and Monitoring Council of the Foundation for the social works of the personnel of the Territorial Communities. In the name of all the members of the executive office of the Association and in the name of all of you, I address my sincere thanks to the Minister of the Interior, to the Wali, General of the Territorial Communities and to their close collaborators for all the forms of continuous support to the Association and to the Prefectural and Provincial Councils in the execution of the missions entrusted to them.

May God help us all for the good of our country and the population, under the wise leadership Our Sovereign, Commander of the believers, His Majesty King Mohammed VI, may God assist Him, and The crowning glory in the persons of HRH the beloved Crown Prince Moulay El Hassan, Princess Lalla Khadija, Prince Moulay Rachid and all the members of the Illustrious Royal Family.

“He is the Hearer and the Answerer of Invocations”


President of the Moroccan Association of the Presidents of the Councils of Prefectures and Provinces


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